Séan Kearns

Sean Kearns

Séan Kearns

Research Interests

Dermatology, LGBTQ Health, PPI, Teaching


Seán is a Research Nurse at the Clinical Research Centre, St Vincent’s University Hospital, through UCD. He has been working at this facility for almost two years now. Having completed his General Nursing in National University of Ireland, Galway, he then went on to serve as Students’ Union President and subsequently board member for the Universities Health Service.

Working as a behavioural support specialist with children with chronic illnesses in California, he then returned to Ireland and worked as a staff nurse in paediatric hospice care, and adult’s cardiology, urology, and oncology services. He has recently completed a level 9 Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research with UCD and will be continuing his studies with the School of Medicine.

Seán’s current role is as a Dermatology Research nurse working on investigator-led and pharmaceutical driven trials. He has an innate interest in Gender Re-Affirming care and has worked as a nurse in California in an LGBTQ leadership facility. PPI and co-production are at the forefront of his research interests, and he looks forward to engaging with the IRNM into the future


Working Group Member