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Anjali Patel IRNN

Anjali Patel


Anjali completed her Bachelor of Nursing and RGN training in New Zealand. She worked as an ICU nurse for several years in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Since her move to Ireland in 2006 she has worked as a nurse in the Emergency Department and General Operating Theatres.

In 2012, Anjali completed a Masters in Public Health in UCD. Whilst working on Infectious Disease Clinical Trials, in 2014 she completed a post-grad Certificate in Clinical Research in RSCI. She then worked for a Clinical Research Organisation for 18 months as a CTSME, her role on the team included developing on-line protocol overviews and other clinical trial learning materials for site staff conducting Clinical Trials.

Anjali joined Royal College of Surgeons Ireland late 2017 and worked on the iPATH project.


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Research Nurse