Gillian Corey

Gillian Corey

Gillian Gorey


Gillian Corey is the ALERT clinical research nurse for University Hospital Limerick’s Emergency Department. Gillian has a varied nursing career. This includes St. John’s Hospital, most recently their Urgent Care Centre, for 16 years. Gillian then went to do a research project in UHL’s ED for three years, which was her first introduction to research and Gillian has loved it.

ALERT is a research group for Emergency Medicine based at UHL’s ED and their focus is Audit, Education, Research, Training and Quality Improvement. ALERT look forward to engaging with the wider community sharing seminal research projects, shaping new translational research, and expanding their knowledge base to provide evidence-based research and to improve patient care and outcomes.


Working Group Member

Current Role

Clinical Research Nurse (CNM2)